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Camper Sunshine

Presently, the majority of North American daycares are distracting or slowing our children from developing in crucial areas of their brain and body. By keeping our children indoors and sitting for long periods of time, they are contributing to the regress of the brain and body.

Outdoor play is crucial for the body and brain development of our children and that is why your child will be well on track to exceed standard health milestones with our 13000 sq/f outdoor facility that is the largest space in Calgary! Why so big? We aim to minimize the use of indoor classrooms for balanced growth and development.

This area hosts 9 weather covered outdoor classrooms that are fully equipped to keep kids connected to the outdoor environment while learning and having fun. Your child will have access to this space at any time of the day with no waiting or rotation times.

Within our colossal outdoor facility we have a variety of educational and fun activities including,

Camper Site

The Camper Site Program aims to let Mother Nature aid in teaching your children and immerse themselves outdoors with the Earth. Daily adventures for your little one include exploring local rivers, lakes, parks, and campsites where they will gain an understanding of the environment around them.

Along with these adventures, your child will be equipped with the perfect items to explore including,

  • Their very own tent
  • Backpack
  • Access to a full-sized R.V and Washroom
  • BBQ lunches, fresh food, snacks, and water

The fun doesn’t stop here though, during the Camper Site Program, field trips to the Zoo,

science center and other local attractions will be included in their adventures.