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Camper Sports

We all dream of our children playing in a professional sport and becoming the world’s next All-Star. But what does it take to make those dreams into reality? Dedication, persistence, stamina, and concentration, all these qualities are paramount, but with all professional sports players lies a hidden hero behind them…Mom and Dad.

The dream starts with you.

At We Campers our Camper Sports Program excels your child’s growth in their chosen sports. Our very own sports facility is equipped for a variety of sports such as, but not limited to, tennis, dance, gymnastics, soccer, and basketball (Please inquire for more sport alternatives).

Included in the program, your child will have their own professional coach to guide them along their way to success with semi-monthly progress reports.

As an option, this specialized program takes place in our massive indoor multi-sports center and is just like a private club, but without the hefty price tag. Save money and stop paying big on expensive sports programs and private clubs. Save precious time running from location to location and spend it with your loved ones. Our daycare is fully equipped with multi-sports facilities and our own professional coaches, which means you qualify for your kid’s activities to be subsidized!

Camper Shell

Our Camper Shell program has been carefully designed to give you complete confidence in your child’s experience at We Campers. The program aims to enhance the growth and development of your child in five key areas.

This program is also available to your child at any time during the day for a quick rest from outdoor adventures or when weather isn’t cooperating.


Camper Special

In order to live a healthy life, we have to eat healthy, but who said eating healthy has to taste bad? This daily program teaches your child how to choose healthy foods and cook them. We even have a professional chef to guide the class preparing fresh meals, and BBQ’s!

After all the healthy cooking and eating, we have a fully equipped, gigantic, indoor playground that is filled with games and activities to burn those calories off.

Is it your child’s birthday? Get ready for your child to have the best time, cooking, eating, playing and enjoying outdoor BBQ’s because this program is where we host their special day.